Tom Bont is the author of Howlers: Lupus Rex, Transplanted Yankee: Lest All My Balderdash Be Forgotten, Hollingsworth, and is a co-author of Iron Broderick. He’s also written scores of short stories, essays, and articles for various magazines and other online portals. Tom is a world champion dancer, a licensed pilot, a United States Navy veteran, has a degree in computer science from Louisiana Tech University, and lives in North Texas with his family.

Tom owns an industrial software engineering company. His entire career has been in the control sector, from electrician to writing software that controls and monitors continuous and period processes. None of that has anything whatsoever to do with werewolves or Roman legions or any of the other things that grab his fancy…or even gives him the expertise to write about them.

He published his first book, Howlers: Lupus Rex, under the pseudonym, Tom Sutherland, but has since released a second edition under Tom Bont.

Note: Tom’s lived in Texas over half his life. He wasn’t born here, but he got here as fast he could. He’s Texan, and he’ll fight anyone who says different.

Tom’s different interests are wide and varied, but some of the more interesting ones are:

  • Volunteerism. Civilized society cannot exist without it.
  • Temporal Hypothetics. If you have a good time travel discussion you wish to get him involved in, please don’t hesitate to drop him a line.  Please, no real-world physics. That takes all of the fun out of it.
  • Anti-Gravity. He has built his first prototype of a reactionless thruster. Seriously. He wouldn’t lie about that. If you don’t believe him, ask him.
  • Flying. Though he doesn’t fly any longer, he still enjoys it. His dream plane is a fully restored Beech 18. He still makes noise about selling everything he owns, moving to Florida, buying a couple of float planes, and flying rich people back and forth to the islands.
  • Werewolves. We almost forgot that one! Read his book Howlers: Lupus Rex. Everything you know about werewolves is only the beginning.

If you want to know about him, read his other book, Transplanted Yankee: Lest All My Balderdash Be Forgotten.

You can catch him at, on Facebook at @AuthorTomBont, on Twitter @TomBont, and at the DFW Writers’ Workshop

Note, he keeps his spam filter on the BRUTAL setting.