Other than writing and dancing, I find a creative outlet in woodworking.

Please see the galleries below of different things I’ve built.

If you don’t see something you like, I take custom orders.

Message me for pricing.

Cutting and Brisket Boards

Caring for your Board

All boards are handcrafted with only the finest hand-picked wood.

If you see one you like, copy the picture into your email.

If you don’t see what you like, just send me an email saying, “Surprise Me!” and I’ll put something together and send you a picture. If you like it, you buy it. If not, I’ll try again!

All Texas Tom Cutting Boards have a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

All Texas Tom Cutting Boards have a one-year, no questions asked, warranty. If you drop it and it breaks, send it back. I’ll either fix it or send you a new one. I want you to use it!

All Texas Tom Cutting Boards come with a one-time, life-time resurfacing policy. If your board has too much patina, send it back. I’ll sand it down, re-oil, and wax for you. It’ll be like new…if not a bit thinner.


I haven’t done a bunch of these, but the ones I have done, people have liked.


Here are a few things I’ve done for people.

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