Caring for your Texas Tom Board

If you have your hands on a rare Texas Tom Cutting or Brisket Board, it will last for years with some basic maintenance. But remember—it is a cutting board and is meant to be used. It will get cuts and dings, but that’s just patina. Enjoy using it!

When you first get your board, you may notice some oil weeping out of the grain. Simply wipe it off with a soft rag or a paper towel. That is perfectly normal and will stop after a few days to a week. You may also notice the glue lines don’t feel as smooth as they use to after a few months. This, too, is perfectly normal; the more you use it–and clean it–the less pronounced this will become. These conditions may be more pronounced if the board moves far from Dallas, Texas due to different atmospheric pressures and temperatures. Some woods absorb air moisture more than others causing the wood to move against itself.

First, the DON’T’s:

  1. Don’t treat your cutting board like a chopping block.
  2. Don’t wash your cutting board in a dishwasher.
  3. Don’t let your cutting board soak in water.
  4. Don’t leave your board laying flat. Set it on its edge or hang it up (if you have a hanging hole).
  5. Don’t wash it with steel wool.

Now the DO’s:

  1. Do hand wash only with some gentle soap. Grease cutting soap like Dawn can be used, but you will have to wax it every couple of uses.
  2. Do use a plastic scrub brush or pad to get all the food particles out of the cuts on the board. You don’t want bacteria growing there.
  3. Do hand dry with a soft towel.

If water does not bead off the surface any longer, it is time for a rewaxing. I highly recommend Walrus Oil Wood Wax, but any FDA compliant cutting board or chopping block wax will work. Simply rub it in. Let stand for half an hour or so, and then buff till shiny. Note that Walrus Oil is the brand name, not what’s in it…

All Texas Tom Cutting Boards have a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

All Texas Tom Cutting Boards have a one-year, no questions asked, warranty. If you drop it and it breaks, send it back. I’ll either fix it or send you a new one. I want you to use it!

All Texas Tom Cutting Boards come with a one-time, life-time resurfacing policy. If your board just has too much patina, send it back. I’ll sand it down, re-oil, and wax for you. It’ll be like new…if not a bit thinner.

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