Lonestar Invitational

Novice Two-Step (and, duh, I don’t own the music)

I’m feeling grateful for such an amazing weekend filled with an equally amazing support structure.

I made a major change to my dance circle in June and was accepted by Gretchen Smith onto her team. We went to work immediately learning four new routines. Two months later, this weekend, we went to Lonestar Invitational Country Dance Competition and put those routines on the floor, along with two lead-follow WCS dances with a minimalist starting routine.

With Getchen dancing as my new Pro, I won first place overall in Silver and Bronze. I scored 1st place in all dances with Gold Honors and even snagged a Gold Graduate in one of the two-steps. She’s a helluva coach. Thank you, Gretchen!

None of this would have been possible without the help and support of a mess load of other people. Thanks to all my previous instructors and dance partners.

Special thanks to Merry Keller for being my Monday Night run-through practice partner.

Special thanks to Lisa Holt for a year of teaching this knuckle-dragging redneck how to Waltz.

And extra special thanks to Barb Farnham Stone for being my couples Partner for two and a half years.

Without all y’all, I wouldn’t be here.

Of course, NONE of us would have a thing to do if Rowdy DuFrene and crew didn’t work long, diligent hours planning and putting on the show (with the threat of another shutdown hanging over their heads like the sword of Damocles). Thanks, y’all!

Thanks to Nicole Wardell and Charles Mathew Jones for the lovely pics!

Next Stop: Dance Fiesta.

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