Bullies, Big Snakes, and Wolves.

Sea stories from the USS Portland during the ’80s.

Poetry only the Vogons can appreciate.


Transplanted Yankee: Lest All My Balderdash Be Forgotten is a collection of anecdotes spanning my life as a Michigander living in Louisiana up to today as a Navy veteran living in Texas.

You’ll find stories of being chased by bullies, big snakes, and wolves, a non-trivial number of sea stories of life aboard the USS Portland (LSD-37) during the 1980s, and some swagger of my time as a newly minted veteran working his way through college.

This book is intended for my family as they don’t want these stories to die with me…not that I plan on going anywhere for another fifty years or so.

I’ve included dozens of color pictures, including a rare one I took of the battleship, USS New Jersey, off of the coast of Beirut shortly after the barracks bombing in October 1983. Former crew members of the Portland will enjoy the sea stories as will anyone with an interest in the military.

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