monk praying with a candle  

Howlers: Candle in the Night is the first novelette of a new series set in the Howlers: Lupus Rex universe.

This story follows Father Jake, a werewolf-hunting Catholic priest who is turned into a werewolf himself.

Confident to the point of arrogance in his belief that werewolves are demons, he must come to grips with the fact that perhaps the trail of death he’s left behind is not as justified as he’s believed. Has God forsaken him, or does He have other plans?

As the hunter becomes the hunted, he returns to the only place he knew peace. Home.

Howlers: The Eye of God’s Wrath continues the saga of Father Jake, a modern-day Catholic priest and former werewolf hunter who is now a werewolf himself. He and his friend, Patrick Wu, help a North Dakota family fight the mob. But when the mob fights back, Jake calls down a whole passel of divine retribution.

“The Eye of God’s Wrath” is a novelette set in the “Howlers: Lupus Rex” universe and the second story in the Father Jake series.