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Technological Singularities and ChatGPT 4.0

One day, my friend Maksim Smelchak posed a thought-provoking question: "What is a technological singularity to you? How do you define the term? Skynet?" As I pondered over my response, my initial snarky remark about Skynet and true AI evolved into a deeper reflection on the nature of authentic intelligence and its potential impact on … Continue reading Technological Singularities and ChatGPT 4.0

UCWDC World Championships

Something cool happened January 4, 2022! Thank you Gretchen Smith (my coach), Merry Keller (my practice partner), Lisa Holt (my Waltz tutor), and Taletha Jouzdani (my West Coast Swing tutor). I won first place in Silver Novice Pro-Am and in Diamond Novice Pro-Am. Gretchen tells me, "It takes a village to do something like this." … Continue reading UCWDC World Championships

Lonestar Invitational Novice Two-Step (and, duh, I don't own the music) I'm feeling grateful for such an amazing weekend filled with an equally amazing support structure. I made a major change to my dance circle in June and was accepted by Gretchen Smith onto her team. We went to work immediately learning four new routines. Two … Continue reading Lonestar Invitational