Howlers: Lupus Rex (snippet)

Craig twisted his head and peered over his shoulder, ears at attention, and nose dilated to catch the breeze. The wildlings were playing in the field, but Karen could tell something was bothering him. He nuzzled Lisa to follow him, and they loped off over the hill.

Karen and the other frenatus surrounded the wildlings. If something warranted Craig’s attention, it was up to the frenatus to keep them corralled until the all clear was sounded. Unfortunately, there were only four of them tonight to control eighteen wildlings. Unbridled Lupis sapiens are hard to control when their curiosity is aroused.

Man-smell drifted over the hill, and a few of the wildlings got a whiff. They raised their snouts, sniffing, and then howled, letting out a vagor, signaling to their prey it was now being hunted. Karen growled and snipped at the ones within range, exerting her influence, but she couldn’t get them to stop from running over the hill. Bill, Glen, and Summer ran to the front, but the wildlings simply flowed around them, now in full bloodlust. Hopefully, Craig could redirect them. Killing humans wasn’t outlawed, but without more information on the situation, the frenatus needed to keep them corralled.

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