Howlers: Lupus Rex (snippet)

Father Thomas’s heartbeat boomed across the desk. “You aren’t messed up with the same guys as Kyle, are you?”

Aaron looked down at the floor and listened to the tick, tock, tick, tock of the cuckoo clock. “Yes, I’m involved. Against my will, though. I lied a minute ago, you know. I do know what happened to Kyle, and they’re coming after me too.” Then, with more grit in his voice, he growled, “They’re going to find me a much harder target to deal with.”

“That’s what I thought.” Father Thomas drew an uneasy breath. “Are you—are you lupus, too?”

Aaron quickly raised his head and stared at Father Thomas. “You know about that?”

“Not much.” He shook his head. “I just know they exist.”

Aaron broke down, crying in heavy sobs. “Father, I killed them. It was all my fault. They would still be alive if I hadn’t done what I did. God will never forgive me for this.”

Father Thomas made the sign of the cross. “God forgives everyone, son, even if we don’t think we deserve it. Please, sit down. I’m a good listener.”

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