Howlers: Lupus Rex (snippet)

“Once I saw you through a woman’s eyes, I knew you were my choice,” she burst out as if out of breath. “The first time you stood next to me, your scent, it overpowered me.”

She shivered with excitement, a response he’d seen before on so many nights. He threw the stick out into the field as if he were throwing away those images in his head.

“I almost ran out of the bar in fear,” she confessed. “I’d never been overcome like that except after my first few innovationes, my first few changes. But I couldn’t be with you. You were human.” Her eyes welled up with tears. “I was so conflicted that night. I kept saying no to you, hoping you would just leave. But I also wanted you to keep coming back. Then you threatened not to. I told myself I wanted more time to think. What I really wanted was you, so I said yes. Once you held me in your arms, I didn’t want anyone else.” She took a moment to look Aaron straight in the eyes. “I chose you.”

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