Surrey International Writers’ Conference 2015

And thus it ends, and home begins anew.

I miss Texas and the wife, but my memories from this weekend will serve me well. The attendees and presenters were all fantastic, friendly, and approachable. The bar is high for any other conference I may attend.

Two points of interest:

One, Alan and I have an agent interested in Iron Broderick. Boo-Yah! May the first chapter be a barbed treble hook.

Two, I won a ticket to next year’s event. That’s the big tamale! Only 360 days to go….

#SiWC15 @ThomasLeeBontJr


One thought on “Surrey International Writers’ Conference 2015

  1. As a SiWC attendee and fortunate enough to grace table 30, i can vouch for both Tom’s engaging personality and his fortuitous fortune in winning the cost of admission for 2016. Who knew that filling out a satisfaction survey would net such a prize? Next time i will include a press release for my response 🙂

    Good luck with the query,Tom. I also will be working hard to impress the two agents that agreed to have me submit to them.

    See you in 2016!


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