Spinward Ghost

About 30 winters ago, I played a game called Traveller. It was a role playing game similar to Dungeons & Dragons except it was based on science fiction instead of sword and sorcery. One of my character’s possessions was a starship called the Spinward Ghost.

The statistics for it will mean nothing to you unless you’re a fan of the game, but here they are: 200-ton, Jump-4, Acceleration 6.8 Gs. It violated the rules just a bit in that in addition to the two turrets it was allowed to have, it also sported two fixed-mount twin lasers situated under the nose points.

Fast forward 10 years or so to when I discovered POV-Ray, a ray tracing program (see my book, Transplanted Yankee, for information on my ray tracing aspirations). The Spinward Ghost was soon to become more than just a listing of stats and a sketch on some old piece of graph paper. What you see below is the result of about one month’s work. I thought it came out fairly decent.


This second video utilizes the Spinward Ghost to tell a quick story. I had much higher dreams of where this story would go, but family life got in the way 🙂


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