Exciting Weekend Coming Up!

Six more days until I see one of my old shipmates and best friends, Alan O’Brien, from the USS Portland (LSD-37). We haven’t seen each other since 1989 when he visited me in Louisiana. I jilted him back in the mid-90s by not returning the favor, so I will most certainly have to visit him in New York City now. This will be his second trip south of the Mason-Dixon Line. We’re going to the DFW Writers Conference (hosted by the DFW Writers Workshop) next weekend to pitch our book, Iron Broderick. It’s going to be a great weekend.

When I first started taking this writing thingy seriously a few years ago, I never thought I would be involved with a bunch of professional writers of the caliber found at the DFW Writers Workshop. Not only did they accept me and my redneck ways with open arms, some of them even found parts of my work worthwhile. And now? Now, I’m helping out with their yearly writing conference. Holy Moly!

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