Orpheus: A Modern Greek Tragedy

I wrote a another romantic fantasy. Oh, yes, I did.

Thanks to my editors, Bobette and Terry Wright, for working with me on this. They really know their stuff.

Otis Chambers is a struggling writer with a two-book deal on his desk. He desperately needs help with writer’s block, so he goes to Greece, the wellspring of inspiration. There, he finds a statue of Orpheus, the Greek demigod who’d charmed women and nymphs, even the gods and rocks, with his music and songs. As he’d also taught an entire civilization to write, there could be no better inspiration for Otis. Touching the statue lands him in the hospital, and when he wakes up, he finds his ex-wife, Emily, at his bedside, a flame that had never gone out. He gets back to writing but soon learns his prose carries the power of Orpheus over women who read his work, which he uses to boost his career…and his sex life. His harem and fame grow exponentially, but Emily is unaffected by his newfound charms. As he juggles his fan girls and tries to get Emily back, he learns too late how all Greek tragedies must end.

You can get it here.

Please consider reviewing Orpheus: A Modern Greek Tragedy when you are done. See my blog post on how to write a book review if you have any questions.

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