Book Review: Headhunters from Outer Space

Book Review: Headhunters from Outer Space by  Bret McCormick, Read by Ross Ticknor. Disclaimer: Bret McCormick is an editor for Road Kill. He gave me a copy of this audio book as a promotional. Headhunters is not my typical fair. I usually go for hard science fiction, space opera, or werewolves. However, I'm glad I … Continue reading Book Review: Headhunters from Outer Space

Book Review: Hostile Takeover

Book Review: Hostile Takeover by Derek Blount This is not my typical read, but I was impressed with the story. It kept me guessing all the way through. I especially enjoyed the way Blount developed the characters. They were unique but familiar if you've ever spent time out in the real world. Readers should have … Continue reading Book Review: Hostile Takeover

Road Kill Review

"Speaking of law enforcement, Tom Bont’s “Redstick” follows a no-nonsense FBI agent whose investigation of a child killer’s disappearance takes a hairy turn when she finds the town where he disappeared has a long history of disappearances and a short fuse for criminals. Refreshingly, the story’s protagonist, Agent Angela Hollingsworth, doesn’t waste time denying the … Continue reading Road Kill Review

Book Review: Running with the Pack

Edited by Ekaterina Sedia I picked this collection of werewolf short stories up at a used bookstore for $7.50. What a steal. Over 300 pages spanning 22 stories, the vast majority of which were five-star. Even the lowest rated one clocked in at three. If you are looking for a fantastic collection of werewolf stories, … Continue reading Book Review: Running with the Pack