Channillo Post: Chapter 5—Venor

Chapter 5 of Howlers: Lupus Rex is posted on Channillo.

Howlers makes use of Latin in quite a few different areas. You don’t have to speak it, but I didn’t want to leave you wondering how the different words were pronounced. To assist the you, I included an appendix containing a listing of the English translations of all the Latin phrases and words used throughout the book. Translations and pronunciations may not be exact, but this is how the Lupus Sapiens Race has handed them down from generation to generation; as with any language, there is drift in meaning and pronunciation.

Here are the words we’ve used so far:

Antelogium, noun [an-tē-lä’-ji-əm], 1. Beginning.

Paedagogus, noun [pe-də-gäg’-əs], 1. Tutor. 2. Guide.

Quadrivium, noun [kwä-dri-(v)(w)ē-əm], 1. Crossroad.

Luto Via, noun [Lü-tō()(v)(w)ē’-ə], 1. Dirt Road.

Venor, verb [vē’-nōr], 1. Stalk.


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