Road Kill Review

“Speaking of law enforcement, Tom Bont’s “Redstick” follows a no-nonsense FBI agent whose investigation of a child killer’s disappearance takes a hairy turn when she finds the town where he disappeared has a long history of disappearances and a short fuse for criminals. Refreshingly, the story’s protagonist, Agent Angela Hollingsworth, doesn’t waste time denying the evidence of her senses when confronted with the supernatural, nor does she try to convince others of what she’s seen and risk coming off like a loon. This practical stance, along with Bont’s patient world-building and controlled pacing, make the story flow assuredly, and like many other stories here, the ride is fine even if the destination is familiar.”–other-reviewsmenu-263/anthologies-reviewsmenu-107/3286-road-kill-texas-horror-by-texas-authors-ed-bills-a-mccormick

Not bad!

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