Waltz Across Texas 2018

The weekend of October 12, I competed in the Waltz Across Texas Country & Western Dance Competition. See my earlier blog post, Girls Like Guys Who Can Dance, for more information on my love of dance.

Big Thanks to Greg and Laura Thrash of Team Thrashdance for their coaching and patience with us, to my lovely wife, Angela, for recording our dances and being there for me, and to Barb Stone and Laura Thrash for dancing with me in the various competitions.

Thrashdance members that competed did well:

  • Thomas Bont: 6 dances in Silver and Bronze Newcomer- 4 firsts and 2 seconds.
  • Barb Farnham Stone: 3rd place overall in both Silver and Bronze Newcomer (and she learned three of those five dances in the last two months).
  • SarahGrace Ruth: 1st place in Teen Novice
  • Sue Chick: 1st place overall in Bronze and Copper Novice
  • Thomas and Barb: 6 dances in Couples Silver and Bronze Division 4, all 6 first place.

Next up…Dallas Dance Festival!

Here are some videos from the dance:

Barb and me, Two-Step

Barb and me, Cha Cha

Barb and me, West Coast Swing

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