That Kind of Magic

I wrote a romantic fantasy. Yes, I did. And guess what? It didn’t have werewolves in it.

Thanks to my editor Bobette for beating the redneck out of it and turning it into something that will make romance fans swoon. She’s a pleasure to work with.

Roman and Feleena, both widowed, meet under strange circumstances, but nothing is ever normal when the ancient Muses of Music and Dance are involved. Roman and Feleena loved to dance with their spouses, but in their grief, both refuse to let go of the past and dance with someone new. Unknown to them, their beloveds’ souls are stuck in ethereal limbo until they move on with their lives. Through a mysterious dating service and the not-so-subtle help of an endearing waiter, they are thrust onto a magical dance floor where they waltz together but resist the pull of their hearts. When it looks as though grief will win over new love, the Muses scramble in a last-ditch effort to save the relationship before two souls are lost in oblivion forever.

You can get it here.

Please consider reviewing That Kind of Magic when you are done. See my blog post on how to write a book review if you have any questions.

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