Ellie Mae

After having put down our last dog, Lex, I’ve been teasing myself by going to the shelters around my hometown, looking at the dogs. I’m not sure if I was truly looking for one, but I was playing with them, taking them for walks, donated puppy and dog food. I finally found one that seemed to like me as much as I liked her, though I wasn’t expecting that until after the first of the year.

My wife and I rescued a one-year-old dog last week. She’s part AmStaff and a couple of friends whom I consider Dog Experts think she’s got some Rhodesian Ridgeback in her. We got her from the Hickory Creek Animal Shelter. The officer there told us that she was dropped off as a stray but felt it was truly a surrender; the dog really didn’t want to leave the family dropping her off.

She’s chipped, but there is not any information on the dog or on the family other than a phone number…and they never returned calls from the shelter. Texas law says that once you take care of a critter for 72 hours, it’s yours. I don’t believe in stealing another man’s dog, but in this case, they gave her up.

She’s crate trained and house broken. The vet says she’s 100% healthy with no heartworms or anything. She has settled in and found her center here at Dùn Bont. We’ve named her Ellie Mae.

Here are some pictures:

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