Ellie Mae at the Office

I brought Ellie Mae to my office today. She wasn’t socialized much in her previous life. I need her to not chase bicycles and joggers when we’re out for a walk. I need her to not be scared when I have visitors at the house.

I’m not going to say that today was a total success. She only “ruffed” at two of my employees, both males, but fell in love with our receptionist, a lady. Luckily, everyone understands that she is skittish. Towards the end of the morning, she only wanted to sit under my desk and did not want to go anywhere near the back where everyone works. However, at lunchtime, when I said, “Let’s go home,” she jumped up and was ready to do.

When we got to the house, she recognized the driveway and got excited. Once we were inside, she jumped and twisted and ran around and wagged her tail. Her body language said, “You didn’t dump me!”

I’ll have to bring her back tomorrow. She’s a good pup and needs all the love she can get.

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